What’s The Worst Possible Idea For A Zombie Story?

9 Jan

In the last few years, the zombie apocalypse has well and truly arrived, at least in popular culture. The question is where will it go from here? My feeling is that while there will still undoubtedly be new and thought-provoking pieces generated, there will also be an increasing number of people with daft ideas who are just trying to cash in on the latest trend. After Harry Potter, we had an outbreak of wizards. After Twilight, we had an infestation of vampire spin-offs (apparently even resulting in the ubiquitous Fifty Shades Of Grey – I’d criticise it but I haven’t read it!). So, with the movie version of World War Z hitting the big screen this summer, where will the zombie genre go from here?

To be honest, I don’t know but I decided to see if I could think up the worst possible idea that I could for a zombie story. It was surprising how many of what I thought were really bad ideas already existed in one form or another: Zombies vs. Cockneys? It’s there; Cowboys vs. zombies? I know I’ve come across it at some point; Nazi zombies vs. zombie Nazis? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere!). When I asked my girlfriend what she thought, she described the stupidity and genre-contradicting story behind Warm Bodies. It’s at odds with almost the entire zombie folklore and yet it’s been made into a major Hollywood movie. I guess this shows that not everyone can agree on what separates a good zombie scenario from a bad one.

So with all this in mind, I tried to push the envelope as far as I could to see how far into the bad side I could go. The worst idea I came up with? Brace yourself (I’ll be the first to admit it’s truly awful!): A story about a zombie apocalypse told from the point of view of a family dog who can’t understand why his owners won’t play with him any more after they turned into the undead. I can just see the tag line: For one dog, walkies will never be the same again! Rest assured, this idea go will go no further, but surely no one could come up with a worse premise than that?

Or maybe you could …

From the author of For Those In Peril On The Sea, a tale of post-apocalyptic survival in a world where zombie-like infected rule the land and all the last few human survivors can do is stay on their boats and try to survive. Now available in the UK. Click here or visit www.forthoseinperil.net to find out more.


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