What Would You Do If … Dilemmas In A Zombie Apocalypse: No. 2 – The Best Friend Dilemma

8 Mar

You see your best friend running for safety but there’s half a dozen zombies chasing him; the nearest is only a few feet behind and you don’t think he’ll make in time. He calls out to you to do something but you’ve only got one last bullet left in your rifle. If you shoot the zombie closest to him he might just make it but if he doesn’t, he’ll die a long, terrifying and painful death, and all you’ll be able to do is watch it happen as he begs you to put him out of his misery. If you shoot him instead, his death will be quick and painless but you’ll be left always wondering if somehow he might have made it if only you’d done something different. What do you do?

As always, this dilemma is just here to make you think, so there’s no right or wrong answer. Vote in the poll to let others what you do if you were in this situation, and if you want to give a more detailed answer, leave a comment on this posting.

From the author of For Those In Peril On The Sea, a tale of post-apocalyptic survival in a world where zombie-like infected rule the land and all the last few human survivors can do is stay on their boats and try to survive. Now available in the UK, and available as an ebook and in print in the US from the 21st March 2013. Click here or visit www.forthoseinperil.net to find out more.


One Response to “What Would You Do If … Dilemmas In A Zombie Apocalypse: No. 2 – The Best Friend Dilemma”

  1. cmdrysdale 08/03/2013 at 20:24 #

    Here’s my own thoughts on this dilemma. I hope I’d always take out the zombie and give my friend his best possible chance, even if it was slim. However, I’m probably spend so long dithering around as I tried to work out what was best that I’d end up not doing anything until it was too late or he was safe – either way he wouldn’t be too pleased with me.

    There’s also part of me that would worry that even if I tried to shoot the zombie, I’d end up winging him, which would be the worst possible outcome since he’d then definitely get got, after all hitting a moving target with a rifle, especially when you’re under pressure, wouldn’t be easy for someone who’s only every practiced on stationary targets before.

    Much as I hate to admit it, there’s also be a part of me that would be thinking ‘You’ve only got one bullet left, don’t waste it on him because you might need it to save yourself later’. I hope I wouldn’t listen to this part, but it would definitely be there

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