What Would You Do If … Dilemmas In A Zombie Apocalypse: No. 12 – The Guard’s Dilemma

17 May

You’re on guard duty, patrolling the wall they’ve build to keep the zombies out. You look down, there’s thousands of undead milling around, all trying to get through but none of them can; the infection’s been safely contained to the north of the wall. You see a recreational vehicle speeding towards the wall. It careers through the throngs of the undead and crashes into the wall. A man and a small boy emerge from the skylight as the zombies descend on the RV. The man holds the boy up and you’re able to grab him moments before the RV is tipped over, sending the man into the zombie horde where he’s torn apart. You look down at the boy as he dangles from your hands. His sleeve has slid back and you see what could be a bite on his arm but you can’t be sure. If you’re right, it means he’s infected and could turn at any moment. If you’re wrong, he’s just a scared little boy in desperate need of your help. You can’t do nothing because eventually you’re arms will tire and you’ll drop him. What do you do?

As always, this dilemma is just here to make you think, so there’s no right or wrong answer. Vote in the poll to let others know what you do if you were in this situation, and if you want to give a more detailed answer, leave a comment on this posting.

This dilemma is based on a short story called The Wall. If you wish to read it, you can find it here.

From the author of For Those In Peril On The Sea, a tale of post-apocalyptic survival in a world where zombie-like infected rule the land and all the last few human survivors can do is stay on their boats and try to survive. Now available in print and as a Kindle ebook. Click here or visit www.forthoseinperil.net to find out more. To download a preview of the first three chapters, click here.

To read the Foreword Clarion Review of For Those In Peril On The Sea (where it scored five stars out of five) click here.


One Response to “What Would You Do If … Dilemmas In A Zombie Apocalypse: No. 12 – The Guard’s Dilemma”

  1. Zombease 18/05/2013 at 03:42 #

    If I’m able to hold the weight of the kid up like that, then I imagine I could fight him off if and when he turns. I’d rather give the kid a chance than drop him… hell, he might even be the last kid on earth.

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