What Would You Do If … Dilemmas In A Zombie Apocalypse: No. 14 – The Scientist’s Dilemma

31 May

You and your team have been working away in the lab for months and you think you’ve finally had a break through. None of the monkeys you injected with the vaccine you made from the zombie extracts died this time round; and more importantly none of them came back. They also survived being exposed to the disease itself. Finally, it seems like you might have a weapon to fight the undead plague that’s over-running the world, but you can’t rest yet. The next step is to try it out on a human yet no one’s keen on volunteering to go first. Instead, they point out that if you’re so sure it’ll work, you’d be willing to try it on yourself. What do you do?

As always, this dilemma is just here to make you think, so there’s no right or wrong answer. Vote in the poll to let others know what you do if you were in this situation, and if you want to give a more detailed answer, leave a comment on this posting.

This dilemma was inspired by a real life medical scientist called Dr. Barry Marshall who proved that H. pylori caused stomach ulcers by purposefully drinking the contents of a petri dish containing the bacteria. He went on to win a Nobel prize for discovering the role that bacteria play in causing ulcers and other stomach problems. However, developing stomach ulcers to prove you’re right is one thing. Would he have been so keen if it had been an experimental zombie vaccine? Who knows!

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