‘The Island At The End Of The World’ – New Post-apocalyptic Survival Thriller From Colin M. Drysdale Out Today

23 Oct

The Island At The End Of The World is the third novel in the For Those In Peril post-apocalyptic survival series by Colin M. Drysdale. It is now available as a paperback and as a Kindle eBook. While a PDF preview of the first three chapters is available here, the first three chapters will be serialised on this blog over the next three days.

Set amongst the rugged and beautiful islands of Scotland’s remote west coast, this book weaves its tale of post-apocalyptic survival into a landscape where people have struggled to survive for thousands of years. With its evocative use of real locations on both land and sea, and atmospheric depictions of the trials faced by those trying to survive in a world which has changed forever, The Island At The End Of The World further expands the new and unusual take on the traditional post-apocalyptic genre provided by the first two award-winning books in the For Those In Peril series, as the characters struggle to move from just surviving to trying to rebuild their lives in the hostile and unforgiving world they have found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into.

As with the first two books, this is a first person narrative, but it is told from point of view of 19-year-old CJ, rather than the narrators of either of the first two books (Rob in For Those In Peril On The Sea and Ben in The Outbreak), providing a new and different perspective on the world of the For Those In Peril series.

From The Back Of The Book:

Civilisation has collapsed, the land has fallen to the infected and the few who remain unturned are left wondering if there’s anywhere left that’s truly safe …

A mutant virus has turned humanity into savage, cannibalistic killers who roam the land in search of prey, and only a few scattered groups survive uninfected, clinging to life in the furthest corners of the Earth. CJ and her crewmates have sailed their forty-foot catamaran across the Atlantic, searching for a safe haven that’s beyond the reach of the infected. Now, they’ve arrived in Scotland and are heading for the remote island of Mingulay, but when they get there, will they find the uninhabited paradise their captain, Rob, remembers from his youth? Or has it, too, been lost to the disease? And what of the others who might be out there, clinging to life, amongst the numerous islands of Scotland’s western coast?

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