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‘Zombies Love Brains’ Draft Cover Designs – Which One Is Better?

1 Apr

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been working on a zombie-themed picture book called Zombies Love Brains for kids aged three and older. I’ve now got all the final artwork for in from the illustrator, Mike Kloran (and he’s done a great job with everything!), and I’m busy formatting the book itself (which is pretty much finished) and the cover.

It’s with the latter that I’m having a slight problem. I’ve got a choice between two possible background colours one yellowish gold and the other mid-night blue, and while I prefer the gold one, almost everyone else I’ve shown it to has preferred the blue one. However, I’ve still only shown it to a handful of people, and I thought it would be good to seek a wider range of opinions.

This is where you, the readers of my humble little blog, will hopefully come riding in to the rescue. The two cover designs are shown in the picture below, and the question is simple: which do you prefer best? To submit your answer, just complete the poll below the image. If the poll isn’t visible (and I’m having trouble with this!), or if you want to say something more, please leave a comment. Thanks for your help.

Which cover design do you think is better?

Which cover design do you think is better?

PS At the moment, Zombies Love Brains is scheduled for release later this year, but I’ll be posting more about it on this blog between now and its release date, so if you’re interested, just watch this space!

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