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Six Uses For Duct Tape In A Zombie Apocalypse

30 Oct

Duct tape is widely recognised as one of the most important tools for making rough and ready repairs, and you find it in use everywhere, but is duct tape also something you should think about packing into your survival bag in case there’s a zombie apocalypse? In my opinion, it’s a resounding yes, and here’s six reasons why:

1. Makeshift Armour: Human teeth aren’t well-adapted for biting and tearing through flesh. This means that even fairly thin armour can offer you a lot of protection. In fact, using duct tape, you can make a pretty effective zombie proof armour out of something as simply as empty cardboard boxes. How? First, open up the cardboard boxes and lay them flat on the floor. Cut out a piece which you can wrap around your torso and then cut holes for your arms. Next, cut sections which will fit snuggly round your upper arms, your forearms, your upper legs and your lower legs. Now, use duct tape to tape these pieces in place around your body. This will already provide a lot of protection, but you can do better, Run strips of duct tape across the gaps between the different pieces, but remembering to leave enough space to allow yourself to move freely. Finally, wrap duct tape around the cardboard until it’s fully covered. This both water-proofs the cardboard and re-enforces it, making it almost impossible for human teeth to bite through (go on give it a go, see if you can bite through it!). Finally, make yourself a helmet in a similar manner (making sure you have a long flap at the back to protect your neck), and use duct tape to connect it to the torso. Again, make sure these are loose enough to allow you to turn your head. There you have it, a fully zombie-proof set of makeshift armour thanks to duct tape.

2. Taping Zombie’s Mouths Shut: Okay, this one is risky, but if you can neutralise a zombie’s nashers, then they can’t bite and infect you. A strip of duct tape strapped across its mouth, and wrapped around its head, and a zombie can’t hurt anyone. Great for when you need a zombie to study so you can learn more about their habits, or as a last line of defence – but not really recommended under most circumstances!

3. Improvised Tripwires: Imagine this, you get caught out in the open and you need to set up camp for the night. How will you be able to tell if any zombies are coming? Easy. Find a wooded area and set up your tent. Next, walk 30 metres out into the wood and tape out a circle around your camp by wrapping the duct tape around the tree trunks at about knee height. Repeat this again at about chest height. Duct tape is tough enough that most zombies won’t be able to break through it either quickly or quietly, and you’ll be alerted to any that blunder into it in the night. This will give you plenty of time to get away.

4. General Repairs (To Your Equipment And Yourself!): In a zombie apocalypse, speed is of the essence, and duct tape can be used to repair anything from your shoes to your backpack, or even a flat tire, in seconds. I suspect you could also use it as a quick way to stop blood loss from cuts and injuries which might otherwise result in death and buy you enough time to get somewhere safe where you can deal with it properly. Duct tape is also the perfect thing for making rudimentary splints to help fix broken bones. Just get a couple of pieces of wood and fixe them in place on either side of the afflicted limb with your trusty roll of duct tape.

5. Restraints: While it may seem unpalatable, there will be times in a zombie apocalypse when you need to restrain someone. This might be someone who’s been bitten or it might be someone who’s causing trouble. Either way, duct tape is the perfect thing to securing them quickly either on their own or by securing them to an object such as a bed. Do it well enough and they won’t be getting free any time soon.

6. Re-Enforcing The Windows Of Your Vehicle: At some point you’ll almost certainly have to move from one location to another, whether it’s because you’ve been over-run, or whether it’s because you need to find food or supplies, and when you’re on the move, you’re always at risk from those pesky biters. Moving around in a vehicle will reduce that risk, but all vehicles have a weak point and that’s their windows. Duct tape is the perfect thing for reinforcing them. Simply stick strips across the windows to form a grid and you’ll find the window is much less likely to break, and even if it does, the tape will hold the shards in place, stopping the zombies reaching in.

So there you have it, six reasons why I’d make sure I always had some duct tape in my post-apocalyptic survival bag, and I’m not the only one who sees how useful it could be. Joerg Sprave (he of the toilet brush gun which featured in a post last week) thinks so too, and he’s posted a nice little video titled How To Weaponise Duct Tape on his You Tube channel. Watch and learn.

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