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Odd Things I’ve Learned While Researching My Books

26 Oct

1. Rabies travels along nerves to the brain at a very specific and standardised speed. This means that the time it takes to affect people is dependent on where on the body they’re bitten. It takes longer to affect people if their bitten on the hand or the toe than if they’re bitten on the face.

2. Large fires can create their own weather in terms of wind, rain, and lightening. Together these are known as a fire storm. There’s even a type of cloud called a Pyrocumulonimbus that only occurs over such fires.

3. If someone has a tension pneumothorax, in an emergency you can save their life using a bottle, a tube and the outside of a biro. A Doctor once did this to someone on a flight from Asia to the UK using stuff he borrowed from the other passengers.  I hope these were washed before he returned them!

4. A tension pneumothorax is when some one has a burst lung and air becomes trapped between the lung and the body cavity. It can kill you if not sorted out soon enough (such as by doing number 3!)

5. In the official King James version of the bible, unicorns are mentioned nine times (don’t ask what I was looking for when I came across this one, sometimes you just get side-tracked!).  This has been edited out of the more recent interpretations, but you will find it in the older ones.  If you have a copy to hand, try looking at Isaiah 34:7.  If it mentions Unicorns you have an older copy.  If it doesn’t, it’s one of the newer versions where the reference to unicorns has been removed – presumably because, unlike in the 17th century when the King James edition first came out, we now know that unicorns don’t exist and it made a mockery of anyone claiming that the bible was the absolute word of God.  Yet, if it has been revised and edited to remove any awkward references….

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