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Zombies! Run!

27 Aug

What do zombies eat? It’s not just brains, apparently they like sushi, too. Or at least the one which walked into the sushi restaurant I was having dinner in last Saturday did. At this point, you’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth I was talking about. Well, my home city of Glasgow has been hosting a series of zombie runs over the last couple of weekends. For those of you who don’t know, zombie runs are an interactive role-playing game which takes place on real city streets. The competitors have to complete a series of stages and challenges, all while avoiding being bitten by zombies, or at least people playing zombies, and it was one of these people who walked into the sushi restaurant after the event had finished.

This particular zombie run was put on by 2.8 Hours Later (a nice little homage to my all-time favourite zombie film), and is fairly straight forward to play. All you have to do is survive for 2.8 hours while being pursued by zombies, vigilantes and the police. They have been doing these events for a couple of years now, and while I’ve been tempted to sign up, there’s always one thing which has stopped me. What happens if, right at the beginning, you get caught and it’s game over? At £28.00 a ticket to enter, they’re not cheap and it could be a lot of money for a very short time playing.

However, while look at their website the other day, I found one there’s another way to take part. You can. it turns out, sign up for free to be one of the zombies. You have to go to zombie school, but hey what could be more fun than that? And not only do you learn how to be a zombie, but they give you a free zombie make over on the day. So, next time these guys are in town (and it is rapidly becoming an annual event here in Glasgow), I think that’s what I’ll be doing. After all, what could be more fun that pursuing people through the streets of a busy city driven by the ungodly urge to eat their brains? Or, after the event has finished, sushi.

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